HCL Me Tablet X-1

HCL is all set to surprise Tablet market of  with the launch of HCL Me   Tablet X1. The gadget offers everything you want at an affordable      price. The company also ensures that users will not be disappointed  by the performance of a specially designed GHz ARM Cortex A8,  which is to support the operating system. Well, the version of  operating system is one of the most advanced Android, which is the  Android 2.3 operating system Gingerbread. As far as RAM is  concerned that is 512 MB of RAM.

The screen size is only 7 inches which is the smallest size of a    tablet.  The screen can be very small, but it is far ahead of the other  specifications such as multi-touch system with a resolution of 800 x  480 pixels. The display is very well equipped to display images with great clarity.
Today, the camera has become one of the basic requirements for anyone who buys a digital camera, be it a smartphone, laptop or tablet. The camera of Hcl Me Tablet X1 is 2 mega pixels. You can take pictures with the camera, but it may be more beneficial for you while you chat and conference, because the camera can produce better images and videos. For those who are very particular about storing photos, songs, videos and films, HCL X1 me the best you could ever get. HCL Me X1 has been tampered with 4GB of internal storage and expansion possibilities as well. The thesis is that you can expand the memory up to 32GB …… the user may not require anything more than that.
Maintaining a commitment to entertainment services. HCL Me Tablet X1 is completely full of entertainment options on the radio, FM audio and video player with 3.5 mm audio social networking applications. On the social networking experience is a concern, you will find the best experiences with the ease of contact that can easily share their images.
In the current scenario, one of the most necessary facilities and WiFi 3G. HCL Me Tablet X1 is also well advanced in this category. There are also GPS systems. Most exciting part is the battery 3500 mAh battery is fully charged standard in less time and provides a backup battery for longer. Now you might be wondering what this piece of innovation is going to cost you …Right ????? We are just a call away….:)